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  • 空气净化设备的好坏由什么来决定?
    来源:http://www.zrikatrend.com 浏览: 发布日期:2019-07-03
      First, whether it can have absolute security.
      选购空气净化设备,无非都是想用其来换取安康清爽的空气。把以一台空气净化设备能否平安,是决议其能否可取的根本前提条件。空气净化设备的外壳、机芯与净化技术,将会直接影响着空气 净化设备的平安性。净化技术,应选择与自然界中的正负离子一样,并有国外13家机构认证其平安性的离子净化技术。
      Purchase of air purification equipment is nothing more than to use it in exchange for healthy and refreshing air. Whether an air purification equipment can be safe or not is the fundamental prerequisite for deciding whether it is desirable. The shell, core and purification technology of air purification equipment will directly affect the safety of air purification equipment. Purification technology should choose the same ion purification technology as the positive and negative ions in nature, and 13 foreign agencies have certified its safety.
      Secondly, whether we can have scientific purification principle to achieve the effect of efficient air purification equipment.
      国际通行的空气净化原理有五种,物理式、静电式、化学式、负离子式和复合式。普通来说,物理式净化是常用也效果好的办法。例如灰尘、 花粉、过敏物质、病毒等大颗粒物质,能够经过物理净化方式中的HEPA技术来过滤;而苯、甲苯、甲醛和其他异味等有害物质,则能够经过物理净化方式中的活性炭吸附来净化。
      There are five internationally accepted air purification principles: physical, electrostatic, chemical, negative ion and composite. Generally speaking, physical purification is the most common and effective method. For example, dust, pollen, allergens, viruses and other particulate matter can be filtered by HEPA technology in physical purification mode, while harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde and other odors can be purified by activated carbon adsorption in physical purification mode.
      按净化方式从能动的方向来分,净化方式从能动的方向来分,又有主动净化方式(空中净化)和被动净化方式(定点净化)和主被动复合净化三种。被动净化方式只 对吸入的空气有净化效果;主动的净化方式对整个空间都会有净化效果。主被动复合净化是两者的相分离,效果也愈加好。
      According to the active direction of purification mode, purification mode can be divided into active direction, active purification mode (air purification) and passive purification mode (fixed point purification) and active and passive combined purification mode. Passive purification method can only purify the inhaled air; active purification method can purify the whole space. Active and passive combined purification is the separation of the two, and the effect is better.
      Active purification is a controversial technology in the world. As air pollutants are generally one-thousandth or even lower in concentration, and active purification requires spraying higher concentrations of chemicals into the air, so as to increase the level of air pollution in general. For example, the release of ozone into the air is severely prohibited in Europe and the United States.
      Third, whether it can meet the detailed purification needs.
      As far as air purification equipment is concerned, purification function is the most concerned function. If your request for indoor air purification equipment is only based on the improvement of indoor air quality, you can choose pure clean air, cost-effective type.
      With the improvement of people's demand for quality of life, the demand for air purification equipment is no longer simply to purify indoor air. For example, those who work in closed air-conditioned rooms, because the dehumidification effect of air conditioning makes the air in the room very dull, the skin also becomes dull, so when choosing air purification equipment, they will choose humidified air purification equipment with skin beauty function.
      For a long time, people with large population and large indoor pollution need to breathe clean and bacteria-free air at close intervals. When choosing air purification equipment, they tend to buy small K air purification equipment which is suitable for desktop.
      People with their own cars should choose on-board air purification equipment to purify all kinds of car odors, and even alleviate driving fatigue.
      Fourth, the separation of market sales and third-party authoritative certification to stop purchasing.
      A high-quality household air purification equipment must have the ability of sterilization and odor removal. When purchasing air purification equipment, we should pay special attention to its bactericidal power and odor removal ability. Generally speaking, sales volume is a key market test index.
      In addition, such as furniture under the table, sofa mattress and other pure air concentration of the central breeding of Staphylococcus albicans, Escherichia coli, influenza viruses and other common planktonic bacteria; the newly decorated house is full of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC and other harmful gases. The purification effect of air purification equipment on these harmful substances will be more convincing if it is verified by the third party authority.
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